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Pre-order your favorite cured meats, salumi and sausages, and pick them up at the monthly Boucherie Event. Each Boucherie Event is hosted at a different location every month to showcase the various locals of Oakland. When picking up your order, enjoy the company of fellow Boucherie Cured Meats fans. Anyone who places a pre-order will enjoy tasty bites and appetizers when picking up their items during the event.

All products vary from month to month. If you have any special request, please Contact Us.

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Boucherie Meats Fan Favorite: Pancetta

Handcrafted pancetta commonly known as Italian Bacon. Carefully hand-rubbed, salted and cured for a minimum of 10 days. Then, rolled (″arrotolata") in the signature spiral and tied.

  Ingredients: Pork belly, kosher salt, curing salt, rosemary, garlic, and black peper   Show Me More!
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